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Quiet Frenzy KYD Designs Original Quiet Frenzy Poster Quiet Frenzy KYD Designs Mock

Quiet Frenzy

This is a wonderful play written and performed by Stacey Karen Robinson. More information about the play can be found here. Stacey had an orginal poster designed by one of her friends, Ashley Soliman. The second mock-up I created, which ended up being the final product, included her friends artwork as the central image. I changed the background, font, and added more info specific for the production. The last image on this page is the first mock-up I created. The word "Frenzy" reminds me of an ice storm.

  • Theme: Colorful, Image of Stacey
  • Size: 8.5"x11", 11"x17", & Postcards 4"x6"

  • Ashley Soliman