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Artists Statement

Art allows me to express my inner thoughts to where no spoken phrase can encapsulate my true uncensored emotion. Art is my voice, my form of communication. Art is my words, my vocabulary, my song." -KyD

Who am I?



My name is Kenyatta and I was born in California several years ago. I am a Type A creative that loves to paint, design, knit, & quilt. When I'm not working, you may find me on our hammock staring at the matter what color it may be on any given day.

KYD Designs


KYD Designs is a continuing affirmation I have for myself that encourages moments in time for art, design, and all things alike. I am truly greatful that I have so many opportunities to work and surround myself with so many projects & such wonderful people!

Kind Words

I was captivated by an artistic design on a friend's handout leaflet. I was told it was by Kenyatta Dawson. An introduction was made and within less than one week, over emails, Kenyatta created the precise vision I had for my CLUB BAKLAVA Showcase night for Belly dance. Kenyatta made it all very smooth running, no resistance to my creative thought and no matter how many changes I asked for, she was there 100%. The result is a dynamic, exciting, fabulous, vibrant art work that I am very happy with. Kenyatta did this by email without even meeting me face to face... She knows how to capture your imagination and put it down in mesmerising designs.... I look forward to working with Kenyatta in the near future and I wholeheartedly recommend her to all."

Hossam Ramzy
Hossam Ramzy: Bellydance Music, DVDs, Workshops

Kenyatta was simply a joy to work with and the website header she created for us is beautiful! With limited guidance, Kenyatta was able to create a header that really exemplifies TAVP. I was truly amazed by her creativity and how she took what we said and created something so striking! She was wonderful to work with - allowing us to see several examples in a short amount of time before we agreed on a final one. Thank you Kenyatta! You're amazing!"

Samantha Fredrickson, Executive Director
Texas After Violence Project (TAVP)

Throughout the design process, Kenyatta used her expertise to gently guide us. She allowed us to modify our original design several times and provided input when we were unsure which way to go. We are all thrilled with the final design! The overall experience went smoothly and I would recommend her design company to anyone who needs gentle guidance through the process of creating a logo."

Laura M. Villarreal, Ed.D.
National Association for Developmental Education (NADE)

The most difficult of all design is a logo, which is simple, yet inspired, and which will convey the essence of a web site. This is what KYD Designs provided my my website, She came up with lots of options, not once, but several times as the focus group selected and debated over different designs. She also provided designs for peripheral marketing materials. Best of all, this all came in on budget and on time!"

Lucy MacDonald

KYD Designs did an excellent job with great creativity and was able to accommodate our strict schedule for project completion."

- Mark Alvarado, Supplemental Educational Services Coordinator
Austin Independent School District

Kenyatta creates striking and compelling images that capture complex themes and relationships."

- Madeline Y. Hsu, Ph.D., Former Center Director
Center for Asian American Studies-University of Texas at Austin

Ms. Dawson has always provided creative designs that capture our unique needs. She has been extremely generous in providing pro bono services to our non-profit agency, which we greatly appreciate. Although the services to us are gratis, Ms. Dawson has always provided a quick turnaround on projects, demonstrated flexibility with our needs and is always professional."

- Linda Phan, Director
Asian Family Support Services of Austin (Formally SAHELI)

The brochure that Kenyatta created for the Texas After Violence Project is — from one point of view — only a thing. How can a mere thing, a brochure, matter at all to us? We're listening to stories of horrible acts, the loss of human life, and unspeakable grief. But Kenyatta's art is lovely. In our work, we want to approach the people who have stories to tell with respect and care. It feels right to offer a thing of beauty — even such a small thing as a brochure — to people whose lives have been marred by violence. That violence is profoundly ugly in every sense gives us all the more reason to appreciate beauty where we find it."

- Virginia Raymond, Director, 2007 - 2011
Texas After Violence Project (TAVP)